I’m a freelance photographer based in Lisboa, Portugal. From portraits to events passing by landscapes, I pride myself on creating a cutting edge and different look to flatter each unique photography

Born in 1977, dedicated to photography since 1999 with special interest for the photograhic technics that remain unchanged over the years such as the analog process, the importance of light and moment and all the details that contribute to finding the photograph that better describe a person and it’s personality.

Experimentalist with a deep connection with the contrast of black backgrounds with the skin and with the finding of the small aspects in every day life that gain expression in the form of a photograph.



Entrudanças Festival

DJ Myrah

​Andanças Festival

Casa do Brasil newspaper

Planicie Mediterranea Festival

Online publication h2tuga.pt

Dancers Juan y Carla

Street photography exposition in the AgarArte cooperative of artists

Fine art nude exposition in the Agararte cooperative of artists

Casa do Brasil photography course

Artcasa photography course

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